Description of classes

and workshops

Elementary Level: Listening and Imagining

Age 5-7


Here our students are learning about the elements of art and art education. They are expressing themselves in a new visual way through basic use of colors, shapes and lines.

They also learn from looking at each others' works by completing a theme and learning about different perspectives on that theme. The students are encouraged to describe their work and to present it to a group.


Intermediate Level: Art Explorers

Ages 8-12

 Mondays 6-7pm​ 

 Wednesdays 5-6pm 

Our students are continue to learn about the elements of art and art education. They expand their knowledge about artistic materials and methods, which include but not limited to collage, watercolor technique, pastel, sculpture, as well as mixed media. The Human Proportions and Rules of Perspective are also introduced. The students are encouraged to learn about categories and genres of art, theoretical terms and art vocabulary.

Advanced Level


The hands on projects are more specificly targetted toward self expression and choosing the best media to suit the theme. The work from observation is emphasised, including copying the Old Masters, analyzing the formal elements of composition and Five Golden Principles of Drawing. Some advanced multi stepped techniques are taught. Printmaking is introduced.

This class is perfect for those who wishes to build a strong portfolio.

Private Classes

All ages and levels are welcome.

Private classes are designed to suite an individual goal / direction of a person. The custom made curriculum is discussed and then applied. Further analysis for pursuing the goals is provided. These classes are for those who just want to try out something new, to learn about themselves as well as for those who would want to develop their drawing skills in depth or to learn about an entirely new technique.

Art History Lectures at the Met

Sunday and Saturdays

Original lecture series range from Ancient Civilizations to Contemporary Art.

- Art History Lecture Series: Myths and Realities. Empires of Art. Tales of Ornaments.

- Epic Styles: The taste and the thought.

- The Poets of Light. Impressionists.

- Inhale and carry on: Post Impressionists. 

- A Concept and A Muse 

Art History courses in the Studio

-TIME LINE - depiction of visual history

- Art of the 20th century. Temporary ConTemporary.

- Five Golden Principles

- Understanding the Masters through Hommage.

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