KKS' Fisrt Children's show at NAWA Gallery ever!!!

In the 123 year history of National Association of Women Artists, the oldest Professional Art organization for US women in the Fine Arts, KOREN KROPF studio young artists were the pioneering force to exhibit their vision of contemporary

art scene! The show was well recieved and catalogued in the NAWA Archives. 



August 8- August 28, 2012

Opening Reception: August 9, 2012


Contact: Natalia Koren Kropf (


Gallery Hours: Monday-Saturday 9:30-5:30


NAWA Gallery is pleased to announce the opening on August 9, 2012 of Multiculture Multimedia Children's Art Show. The exhibition presents the art of very young artists, working under the guidance of an artist member of NAWA, Natalia Koren Kropf , at the KORENKROPF STUDIO. The main idea for this children's show is to let them speak on their own behalf to their educators, to their culture, to their families and to their peers. Surprisingly, they have a lot to say and, of course, they say it each in their own style.


As it happens, most children attending the KORENKROPF STUDIO are coming from very different cultural backgrounds - Japanese, Russian, Colombian, Polish, Italian, Lithuanian,  Hindu, Irish, Phillipino, German, Haitian, Scottish, Panamanian. This by itself is a very diverse group, not to mention variety of ages, between 4 and 12, and the range of creative personalities. It is also a remarkable fact, that  a lot of children in these classes have siblings along side, which brings out even stronger family ties, where art lives outside the studio, and vice versa - it invites cultural family traditions into the art class and, most importantly, it enters their conversations, presentations  and mini critiques.



The creative direction of the studio lies somewhere in between the classical European art discipline and the freedom of personal expression  of the West, also, there is a flavor of Asian Art, as Natalia's personal fascination and spiritual path leads that way. The work at the studio is done in as many techniques and genres as children's curiosity would want to wonder : each class they are given a choice of a media or a theme, (or sometimes both) - to try out their version of handling it, while they are required to stick to a proper technique and to come up with a piece, that they would have to stand by to present in front of their peers at the end of the class. That special time is called "going to the museum" - were work is first presented, then discussed and finally critiqued by the artists. This enables the children to view the whole body of work just created and to think and re-think their ways of seeing. 


The themes and techniques include: drawing from observation, gesture drawings, clay sculpture, mosaic, collage, tapestry, mural/large scale painting, 3-D diaramas, abstract drawing/ painting, watercolor,  sumi ink painting, pen calligraphy, decorative painting, art objects, art cards, illustrations, figure sketching, portraits, genre pieces, found objects, mono prints, woodcuts, even copying of the old masters.


The curriculum of the studio is based on the 2-3 semesters a year, the students are divided by their age, and in some cases experience, into groups of 3-5 people. Each group meets once a week for one or one and a half hour.  At the end of a semester they have a 4 people group show and a presentation of their work. 


Many thanks to NAWA and its organizers - Susan G.Hammond, Susan Philips and Amanda Kopp -  for hosting the first children's show at NAWA GAllery, which is also the first show of all the students together, who attend the KORENKROPF STUDIO.