About Our Classes

The creative direction of KorenKropf Studio bridges the Classical European art and the freedom inspired by American Expressionists. We teach a variety of art techniques and genres to inspire children's curiosity. During each class children are offered a choice of media or a theme (sometimes both) while they are required to stick to the proper technique and to come up with a unique approach. At the end of the class students present their work in front of their peers, explain their choice of media, and listen to each other's story. This enables children to look at the whole body of work, it inspires them to think creatively, and to respect a unique way of seeing. This moment is called "going to the museum".


The themes and techniques include drawing from observation, gesture drawings, clay sculpture, mosaic, collage, tapestry, mural/large scale painting, 3-D dioramas, abstract drawing/painting, watercolor, sumi ink painting, pen calligraphy, decorative painting, art objects, art cards, illustrations, figure sketching, portraits, genre pieces, found objects, mono prints, woodcuts, silkscreen, as well as learning from the old masters.





The curriculum for the group lessons is based on the academic calendar year, which consists of 3 trimesters:


Fall        September-December 

Winter   January- March

Spring  April- June


The students are divided by their age, and in some cases experience, into groups of 3-5 people. Each group meets once a week for one hour. At the end of each trimester we have a portfolio review and a group show featuring our students' presentation of  their work. 

Private lessons are arranged by appointment.

About Our Students

“My children have been attending KorenKropf Studio since they were young. Over 10 years of continuos learning they grew up to be well rounded, confident and open minded people!"

- Julia 

Most children attending the KorenKropf Studio are between

5 and 15 years old.

Students are encouraged to learn from one another by observing and analyzing each other's work. They are taught to look beyond personal taste, cultural background, and subject matter by examining basic elements of the artwork, such as composition, color, and concept.

During our class presentations, and mini critiques the 

children are building their confidence and critical thinking .

Our classes share cultural family traditions by becoming part of children's conversations at home. During the Portfolio Review, at the end of each trimester, the parents are invited to view the Final Show and to participate in the art discussion lead by the young artists.



“My kids just love these art classes! They always look forward to it every week!

- Alex